Harrison Hydra-Gen is a USA based leading global manufacturer of quality CUSTOM hydraulic generators dedicated to manufacturing Hydraulic Generators of the highest quality since 1969. “The most reliable hydraulic generators on the market today, THE #1 Generator in the Fire & Rescue , Aerial Work Platform and Paving Industries.”


What separates Harrison from the competition?  We have been “PROVEN UNDER PRESSURE” since 1969 in industries where loss of life or loss of lively-hood results. There is no secret to our longevity and success; it is our commitment to quality. We were the first Hydraulic Generator builder; let our experience work for you!


You depend on your tools and your equipment to help you do the job right the first time, and enable you to keep your word. That’s not something we take lightly.  You expect electric power every time you ask for it, with no messing around to get it.  You expect superior quality, service & dependability…guaranteed; It’s that simple!

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with our stock E-line truck program. We just finished a photo shoot for marketing, and I thought you would like to see what you helped with!”

Eclipse Wireline

Joel Johnson – Design/Material Manager

“I’ve relied on Harrison hydraulic generators for years in our Fire and First Responder trucks. Now we’ve implemented the same hydraulic generators we’ve grown to trust in our utility fleet!”

City of Napa, California

Chris Burgeson – Fleet Manager

“The first-class Engineering team at Harrison Hydra-Gen is fantastic to work with. The generators were easy to retrofit and install in our existing trucks!”

Garland Power & Light Texas

Josh Graham – Fleet Operations

“Thank you for your tech support group’s assistance this past week. My department purchased a used heavy rescue truck from a neighboring fire department with a 20kW Harrison Generator. We were having some output voltage level issues. Tech support was able to get me a manual and help me diagnose the problem. I replaced the voltage regulator and all appears well now. Not bad for a 23 year old unit. Thanks for the assistance!”

FDNY Fire Department

Robert Stadelman


Are you tired of broken down gas or diesel generators costing you downtime?  In a word, you NEED hydraulic generators.  Hydraulic generators have a product life expectancy of over 20+ years plus a positive impact on our global environment.   Because of this, the return on your investment is easy to see!

Hydraulic generators provide many advantages over the traditional Diesel, Gas or PTO driven products.  For one thing, they can be operated while in a stationary mode and in a mobile mode.  In the long run, this is a BIG advantage over the other traditional forms of power for your FLEET!







Optimized to work with LED lights

Do you need mobile AC power to compliment your LED lighting package?  Then you need the Stinger hydraulic generator. Plus, it provides a variety of ratings when 6,000 watts or less are required. 

Coupled with the smallest footprint on the market today, the Stinger is perfect to be used with LED lights.  Never be without a generator at the most critical times again!


Add portable power to your work truck or tractor

The Portable Hydraulic Generator is the only hydraulically driven, portable AC generator on the market.  It utilizes the “Auxiliary Tool Circuit” on your equipment and only requires 6-8 GPM, like most other hydraulically driven tools; plug and play simplicity.

  • 50% smaller
  • 50% lighter
  • 50% quieter
  • 50% less expensive


Short Bed Brush Kit Starter Package 

The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit harnesses the power of the Harrison IHT-HQ system to deliver an incredibly compact package for powering up your 150 gpm water pumps in stationary or in TRUE NFPA “Pump & Roll conditions.  Simplified operation is achieved at any speed with the flick of a switch. The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit also makes for the most compact apparatus imaginable!

  • 10% shorter wheel base
  • 20% shorter box length
  • 20% lower chassis cost
  • 25% more water capacity


Eliminate multiple engines

Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology, IHT allows you to run your on-board equipment using hydraulic motors, instead of gas engines, diesel engines or electric motors.

Using hydraulic motors provides enhanced performance, operation, and packaging.  IHT allows you to create systems you have never been able to build before.


Replace your large reservoir with the compact Qube

A compact, lightweight, hydraulic reservoir tank and hydraulic cooler fore operation of mobile hydraulic systems. The Hydra-Qube allows continuous operation by controlling your systems oil temperature while providing return line oil filtration.

The Hydra-Qube is easy to install, operates with virtually zero maintenance and weighs hundreds of pounds less than conventional reservoir type systems.


When Downtime and High Repair Costs Are Not An Option!! 

Harrison can replace your old hydraulic, belt driven, shaft driven, gas engine driven or diesel engine driven generator with a completely new Harrison hydraulic generator and offers a trade-in allowance on your old generator. And, like all Harrison generators, a generator installed through the retrofit program is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.


Harrison, AMPS , Onan, Smart Power, Gtec, Gteck, AuraGen, Viper, Raven, Tendaire, Dynaset, Fabco, PTO driven generators,  Belt driven generators, Shaft driven generators, Gas engine generators, Diesel engine generators, Tractor driven generators.


A drop box solution for hydraulic pumps

Ever have the need to put a larger pump on YOUR work truck but it won’t fit on the PTO?  THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION!

The Harrison “HYDRA-DRIVE” Gear Drop Box is designed to work with the Ford F-Series chassis, factory ordered with the Ford Power Take-Off Provision (62R). It drops the hydraulic pump below the forward drive shaft and directly drives a Hydraulic Pump without modifications to the transmission.

10K200 APU

We didn’t just build an all new Auxiliary Power Unit. We re-invented it! 

The compact 10K200 is an all new concept in Idle Reduction Technology. It is powered by a fuel efficient T4F Kubota® diesel engine and runs both an AC Generator and the DC alternator simultaneously.

The 10K200 is designed to be started automatically when the chassis engine shuts down via the OEM provided programming. Optional HVAC capabilities are available.


  • Our World Class Engineering Team has years of experience and can assist you with (1) Design (2) Prototyping and (3) Testing.
  • We pride ourselves in providing first class Customer Support and Product Training.
  • Customize your hydraulic generator all the way up to 40 kW
  • Harrison will deliver a custom solution and provide the testing, prototyping, documentation and training needed for integrating into your business.


You depend on your tools and equipment to help you do the job right the first time, and enable you to keep your word. That’s not something we take lightly.  We let our product speak for itself; almost 50-years of continued business in the most demanding environments.


Harrison’s world headquarters is in an all-new 45,000 sq. Ft. Manufacturing facility in Houston, TX.  This new facility was designed and constructed to allow Harrison to use the “best-in-practice” processes and procedures to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Every Harrison hydraulic generator goes through the most advanced computerized testing, with documentation of the test results provided with each product. Customized or off-the-shelf, all Harrison hydraulic generators are tested to the same standards.