Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology featuring Hydra-Qube (IHT-HQ)

IHT-HQ Overview


  • Integrated Hydraulic Technology, featuring Hydra-Qube (IHT-HQ), provides a self-contained hydraulic system that will be INTEGRATED Independently into your vehicle. The IHT-HQ system will provide power to your on-board equipment using the Self-Contained IHT-HQ hydraulic system and a hydraulic motor, instead of using gas engines or electric motors.


  • Better Performance: IHT-HQ equipped systems will have 2X to 3X more available Horsepower than the gas engine or electric motor counterpart! This can result in FASTER OPERATION for Rescue Tools or any other mission critical circuit that can harness the power of IHT-HQ!
  • More Power: The typical Hydraulic Rescue Tool Pump is subject to large start up loads and often needs large gas motors or generators to produce that power. Now power up your HRT pump with the power of IHT-HQ and use the generator for the real electrical loads you have on your vehicle.
  • Increased Function: An IHT-HQ equipped system virtually never stops! Get TRUE “Pump & Roll” capabilities the way it’s supposed to be. Power up your HRT pump and eliminate the “Power Droop” typically seen in gas engine powered or electric motor powered systems!
  • Increased Reliability: IHT-HQ eliminates the major source of maintenance: the gas engine. With no gas engine to deal with, your equipment will start every time!
  • Simplified Maintenance: Change the oil and filter as needed; it’s that simple. No gas to deal with; no exhaust mess to deal with; no constant lubrication of parts.
  • Eliminated Emissions: By harnessing the power of the existing on-board engine, a secondary engine is eliminated, making this true CLEAN POWER TECHNOLOGY!
  • Reduced costs for equipment: Hydraulics will last the life of the vehicle, instead of the typical 5-year life cycle designed into a gas engine or electric motor that may typically be used to power your equipment.
  • Reduced costs for maintenance: Eliminating a second engine on your vehicle and replacing it with a hydraulic motor eliminates virtually all costs associated with the upkeep and repair of a typical gas engine.
  • Reduced costs for warranty: Less moving parts = Less Warranty!
  • Free up compartment space: Not using a gas engine or electric motor allows the IHT-HQ powered equipment to be mounted anywhere, freeing up valuable cargo space in the bodies!
  • Smaller, Lighter, Quieter = FASTER
  • No bad fuel to deal with: IHT-HQ equipped vehicles will have the equipment start up every time!


  • IHT-HQ provides the owner of the vehicle with TRUE CLEAN POWER TECHNOLOGY! With the focus on reducing our global footprint, IHT-HQ is revolutionizing the industry with industry exclusive designs!
  • IHT-HQ uses the Hydra-Qube, by Harrison, to integrate the cooling system and the oil reservoir into a single, easy to install, STAND ALONE SYSTEM. The major advancement with IHT-HQ is the SIMPLICITY of adding CERTIFIED, Harrison Hydra-Gen, IHT partner products.


  • Most of the major suppliers have partnered up with Harrison to put together the most flexible hydraulic system available. Generators, Rescue tools, Water pumps, Air compressors, Air conditioners, Hose bed loaders, Tools, Ladder lifts and much more. If you can think of a use for our hydraulic power, Harrison will customize the design to meet your needs!
  • Request a quote from our specialized IHT-HQ quote team.

Certified IHT-HQ Partner model number and ratings

Waterous Water Pumps


  • | 1.62 ratio | 18cc motor | 5,350 impeller speed | 3,300 hydraulic motor speed | 150 gpm |
  • | 1.62 ratio | 18cc motor | 6,050 impeller speed | 3,750 hydraulic motor speed | 250 gpm |

Hale Water Pumps

HP100; Powered by IHT

  • | 2.56 ratio | 12cc motor | 7,200 impeller speed | 2,816 hydraulic motor speed | 150 gpm |

Darley Water Pumps

1 1/2 AGH

  • | 2.70 ratio | 12cc motor | 6,920 impeller speed | 2,560 hydraulic motor speed | 150 gpm |

2 1/2 AGH

  • | 2.57 ratio | 18cc motor | 7,180 impeller speed | 2,800 hydraulic motor speed |250 gpm |


  • PTO-Bantam 2-Tool
  • PTO-Bantam-LP 2-Tool
  • PTO-Twin 2-Tool
  • PTO-Twin-LP 2-Tool
  • PTO-Twin-ATT 2-Tool
  • PTO-Twin-ATT-LP 2-Tool
  • PTO-Quad 4-Tool
  • PTO-Quad-LP 4-Tool

Holmatro HRT Pumps

  • Holmatro SR 20 ZC 2, 2-Tool Operation, CORE Technology – NEW
  • Holmatro SR 20 ZT 2, 2-Tool Operation,Twinline – NEW
  • Holmatro SR 40 ZC 2, 2-Tool Operation, CORE Technology
  • Holmatro SR 40 ZT 2, 2-Tool Operation, Twinline
  • Holmatro SR 40 ZC 3, 3-Tool Operation, CORE Technology
  • Holmatro SR 40 ZT 3, 3-Tool Operation, Twinline
  • Holmatro SR 40 ZC 4, 4-Tool Operation, CORE Technology
  • Holmatro SR 40 ZT 4, 4-Tool Operation, Twinline

Genesis HRT Pumps

  • ART.593.338.1P Mach III Outlaw Simo with Standard Couplers
  • ART.593.338.2P Mach III Outlaw Simo with OSC Couplers
  • ART.593.255.6P Triplex with Standard Couplers

Amkus HRT Pumps

  • HH2S 2-Tool

  1. Better performance
  2. Increased reliability
  3. Simplified maintenance
  4. Eliminate emissions
  5. Reduce costs for equipment
  6. Reduced costs for maintenance
  7. Reduced costs for warranty
  8. Increased horsepower
  9. Faster operation
  10. Eliminate Cold Start issues
  11. TRUE NPFA 1901 & 1906 pump & roll operations
  12. Eliminate power droop
  13. Free up compartment space
  14. Many Certified Partner choices