Ecco Rapid DC Charger generator
Green Fleet

The ECCO Rapid DC Charger

Is Purpose Built to MEET THE CHARGING DEMANDS OF TODAYS HYBRID BATTERIES used on utility and other construction trucks.  The ECCO Rapid DC Charger is Purpose Built to recharge your hybrid batteries in the minimum amount of time.

If You Are Dependent on Hybrid batteries to run your equipment on the job site, you need AN OPTIMIZED BATTERY CHARGING SYSTEM DEDICATED TO HYBRID BATTERIES.  The ECCO will recharge your Hybrid battery banks more efficiently than an inverter, or an on-board vehicle charger.

Optimize Battery Performance and keep your crew working, by using your on-board hydraulic system to power the ECCO Rapid DC Charger.

Features of the ECCO Rapid DC Charger

  • The ECCO has an adjustable output voltage.
  • The ECCO reduces to a trickle charge when batteries are charged.
  • The ECCO can be customized to your fleet requirements.

Reduce Excess Fuel Usage

  • Stop the endless cycle of the main truck engine running all the time to charge your hybrid batteries.
  • Faster charging at a high level = reduction in the running time of the main truck engine.
  • Reduction in the running time of the main engine = BIG COST SAVINGS.


  • High voltage stability
  • High efficiency operation
  • Low voltage ripple
  • High reliability
  • Fast recovery time
  • Current overload protection
  • Fan cooled
  • Hydraulically driven


  • Aerial Work Platform
  • Utility
  • Public Works / DOT’s
  • Telecom
  • Forestry
  • Fire & Emergency
  • Military
  • Railroad