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Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit

The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit is developed to work with the Ford F-Series chassis, factory ordered with the Ford Power Take-Off Provision and using Harrison IHT-HQ along with a Harrison Hydra-Drive and Harrison Hydra-Qube.

Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology, featuring the Hydra-Qube, or IHT-HQ, allows you to run your on-board equipment USING HYDRAULIC MOTORS, INSTEAD OF GAS ENGINES OR ELECTRIC MOTORS. This provides enhanced performance, operation, and better packaging.


  • Provides increased reliability
  • Increases performance
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Reduces warranty costs
  • Increases the usable HP
  • Eliminates cold starts
  • Provides zero emissions

The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit harnesses the power of the Harrison IHT-HQ system to deliver an incredibly compact package for powering up your 150 gpm water pumps in stationary or in TRUE NFPA “Pump & Roll” conditions.  Simplified operation is achieved at any speed with the flick of a switch. The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit also makes for the most compact apparatus imaginable!

  • 10% shorter wheel base
  • 20% shorter box length
  • 20% lower chassis cost
  • 25% more water capacity

Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit SBBK Base Package Shall Include:

Drive Components:

One (1) Harrison Hydra-Gen Patent Pending Hydra-Drive Gear Drop Box Shall Be Provided.

The Hydra-Drive Shall Allow for The Installation and Use of a Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump on any Ford F-250 Series and Larger.

The Hydra-Drive Shall Be a Self-Contained Unit, Not Requiring Additional Cooling Hoses or Components.

The Hydra-Drive Shall Have a Gear Ratio of 1:1.

The Hydra-Drive Shall Have an Input to Output Shaft Measurement of 8″

The Harrison Hydra-Drive Shall Be Designed, Engineered, And Manufactured by A Single Manufacturer
with A Minimum Of 45 Years of Hydraulic Experience, No Exceptions

Hydraulic Components:

One (1) DeltaQ Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump Part Number HUDR1R0-01/1A

One (1) Harrison Hydra-Qube Jr 20gpm Bottom Port with Top Cover Part Number HU20HQ-B/S-B1000-0

The Hydra-Qube Jr Shall Have an Open-Frame Modular Design

The Hydra-Qube Jr Shall Have Top Access Oil Fill & Oil Filter

The Hydra-Qube Jr Shall Have A 12 Vdc Powered Cooling Fan

The Hydra-Qube Jr Shall Have Removable Mounting Brackets Giving the Option of Wall-Mounting or

The Hydra-Qube Jr Shall Have a Pop-Up Dirt Filter Alarm on Top of The Oil Filter

One (1) Harrison HP990-Darley 1.5 Water Pump Drive Kit With 12 CC Motor