Advantages of Hydraulic Generators

  • Approximately 50% smaller in size
  • Approximately 50% less weight
  • More reliable
  • Start in cold weather
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Virtually theft proof
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Longer life cycle
  • Power on the fly or parked
  • No added air pollution or exhaust
  • Leaves no additional carbon footprint
  • No secondary engine or fuel tanks

“I’ve relied on Harrison hydraulic generators for years in our Fire and First Responder trucks. Now we’ve implemented the same hydraulic generators we’ve grown to trust in our utility fleet!”

City of Napa, California
City of Napa, CaliforniaChris Burgeson - Fleet Managerhttp://

“The first-class Engineering team at Harrison Hydraulic Solutions is fantastic to work with. The generators were easy to retrofit and install in our existing trucks!”

Garland Power & Light, Texas
Garland Power & Light, TexasJosh Graham - Fleet Operations

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with our stock E-line truck program. We just finished a photo shoot for marketing, and I thought you would like to see what you helped with!”

Eclipse Wireline
Eclipse WirelineJoel Johnson - Design/Material Manager

Power Talk with the Generator Guru

Proven Under Pressure Since 1969

What separates Harrison Hydra-Gen from the competition? Simply put, Harrison products have been “PROVEN UNDER PRESSURE” for over 44 years in industries where loss of life or loss of lively-hood will result!

It is not uncommon to see a 20+ year old Harrison generator still operating in the field today! There is no secret to our longevity and success; it is our commitment to quality! We were the first Hydraulic Generator manufacturer; let our experience work for you!

Every Harrison system is designed using top quality, name brand components. We place emphasis where is should be; in the alternator, drive motor, cooling system and pump. Our commitment to quality and our testing procedures allow us to remain cost competitive with lower quality systems by avoiding unnecessary service and warranty claims.

Full Customization or Off The Shelf

You can customize your hydraulic generator all the way up to 40 kW; and it can be designed to your specifications, from modular options to completely customized units; or you can choose from our complete product line for you generator needs.

There’s No Need to Hire a Team of Hydraulic Experts; Harrison will deliver a custom solution and provide the testing, prototyping, documentation and training needed for integrating into your business. With successful experience working with major OEMs and end users of the equipment, Harrison generators are proven to be reliable and dependable.