PMG hydraulic generatorPaul Newton, VP of Sales & Marketing for Harrison Hydra-Gen, was recently interviewed by Jim Ruen for Farm Show Magazine. The article, “Generator Powered by Tractor Hydraulics” is in the January issue and can be purchased on the Farm Show website. We appreciate the interview with Farm Show and recommend this magazine if you enjoy reading about innovative ideas.


The article as it appears in Farm Show:

“Our portable generator is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t,” says Paul Newton, Harrison Hydraulic Solutions. “It is 50 percent smaller, lighter and less expensive than gas-powered generators. It is more portable, reliable and starts in cold weather. It’s also maintenance free, theft proof and has a longer life cycle.”

Harrison offers customers systems for 3 scenarios. A standard system uses an onboard system with the company’s hydraulic motor-driven generator. Modular systems include any missing components needed, in addition to the generator. A complete system, powered by the motive power drive train, includes the hydraulic pump and reservoir in addition to the hydraulic motor, powered generator.

“Our 3kW generator is made to be grabbed and used in the field for any corded tool normally used in the shop, like grinders, welders and saws,” says Newton. “It only needs 6 to 8 gal. per min. fl ow, but it does need a static throttle and 1,500 psi. Generators can’t adapt to changes in the flow rate.”

One way to overcome that problem is to use the tractor pto to power a hydraulic pump, which in turn powers the generator. “We use a variable replacement pump, which adjusts for engine speed and maintains a constant flow for the hydraulic motor on the generator,” explains Newton. “We’ve done a number of things with tractors for our customers. We are only limited by the capability of the tractor and what the customer is willing to spend.”

Suggested retail price for the 3kW generator is $1,020. The company also makes hydraulic-powered generators up to 50 kW in output. Units larger than the 3kW generator are mounted on trailers. They tend to be used with heavy-duty welders or other high power demand uses.

Newton emphasizes the common features of hydraulic generators, large and small. “Running them off a tractor engine eliminates the need for a second engine with its own fuel needs,” he says. “Gas-powered generators often fail when not regularly maintained and used. A typical hydraulic-powered generator can exceed 20 years use versus 3 to 4 years with a gas-powered generator.”

Integrated hydraulic technology is an area the company specializes in. It utilizes the onboard drive train to power a hydraulic pump, which in turn can power an array of hydraulic motors. The company’s demo service truck is equipped with rescue tools, water pumps, air compressors, work tools, winches and hydraulic cranes. “They are all on slide-outs,” says Newton. “We can sell the entire package or individual applications.”


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