What is resQube?

The resQube is a collaboration between Harrison Hydra-Gen and Holmatro in a powerful combination utilizing the Harrison IHT-HQ systems and Holmatro’s SR 40 Quad Pump technology.

It’s an industry-first, Self-Contained Hydraulic Rescue Tool Pump in a package designed especially for easy truck mounting by OEM apparatus manufacturers.

Harrison IHT allows you to run your onboard equipment using the powerful, reliable Harrison hydraulic motor, instead of gas engines, diesel engines, or electric motors.  This also facilitates remote mounting in the apparatus.

The resQube features a Holmatro three-stage Spider Pump integrated with a Harrison Hydra-Qube, providing a single easy-to-mount package.

Holmatro’s exclusive patented Core Technology ® allows you to configure a rescue system that will easily power up to four Holmatro rescue tools simultaneously.  Using these additional Holmatro accessories: 90° outlet swivels, Bulkhead Selector Valves, and through-the-bulkhead Core Technology fittings along with custom length Core connection hoses, you can design your department’s custom system.

Benefits of resQube:

  • Operates up to 4 tools simultaneously
  • Reduces vehicle wheelbase
  • Frees up valuable compartment space
  • Easy installation
  • Simplified operation
  • Reliable power!

For more information on creating a custom solution FIND a Holmatro dealer



Harrison Hydra-Gen / Holmatro resQube System

The apparatus shall be equipped with a Harrison Hydra-Gen / Holmatro resQube System.  This complete system shall be sourced from Holmatro USA.

Auxiliary Circuit #1: [Make/Model/Location]

The rescue tools and hoses/hose reels for the Auxiliary Circuit shall be purchased separately and are not included with the Harrison / Holmatro resQube system.

The Harrison / Holmatro resQube system shall be comprised of, but not limited to the following components:

Harrison supplied a variable displacement piston pump.

Harrison / Holmatro supplied resQube system consisting of the following components located in one frame assembly:

– Harrison Hydraulic Reservoir.

– Heat Exchanger and Fan.

– Holmatro SR 40 ZC 4 Quattro Pump system.

Harrison supplied by-pass solenoid when using piggybacked pumps.

There shall be an OEM SUPPLIED switch that when activated shall engage the transmission mounted PTO bolted to the Harrison supplied variable displacement piston pump.

There shall be an additional OEM SUPPLIED switch when using piggybacked hydraulic pumps for the Auxiliary Circuit, that shall only be active once the PTO is engaged and shall activate the Harrison supplied by-pass solenoid.

All components of the Harrison Hydra-Gen / Holmatro supplied resQube system shall be designed and engineered for ease of maintenance and service. All hydraulic filters utilized shall be fully accessible and removable from the top of the reservoir, with no exceptions.

The Harrison Hydra-Gen / Holmatro resQube system shall be designed, engineered, and manufactured by a manufacturer with a minimum of 45 years of hydraulic experience, with no exceptions.

When properly installed, the system shall be warranted for a period of not less than two (2) years or 2000 hours, whichever should come first.