For over 50-years Harrison has been developing exclusive hydraulic technology to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.  For our customers who have needs beyond our traditional hydraulic generators, we have developed some of the most innovative solutions to our customer’s needs.  Using the hydraulic systems that we have refined over many years as our starting point for new designs we have applied it to many other applications, using it to drive a variety of other power sources: Water pumps, Rescue tool pumps, Pump & Roll, Ergonomic Hose Beds, Air Conditioning System, Portable Generators and the list goes on.



The Harrison reputation for working hard, efficiently, and consistently in a cost-effective way is second to none. It is no wonder Harrison Hydra-Gen continues to be the preferred choice of Exclusive Hydraulic Systems all over the world. The ability of Harrison Hydraulic Systems to stand up to grueling workloads is legendary. Harrison Hydraulic Systems developed for the oilfield over 30 years ago; our systems are built to withstand not only the harshest environments but the test of time.


IHT Integrated Hydraulic Technology

Integrated Hydraulic Technology



Hydra-Qube Jr


Harrison Hydragen