IHT-Integrated and IHT-HQ

Short-Bed Brush Truck

— Simple Application —

Harrison Hydra-Skid System

Harrison Demo Truck

— Complex Application —

What is Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology | IHT

Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology allows you to run your on-board equipment USING HYDRAULIC MOTORS, instead of gas engines, diesel engines or electric motors. Integrated Hydraulic Technology, or IHT, will allow you to create systems you have never been able to accomplish or build before, from SIMPLE APPLICATIONS to COMPLEX APPLICATIONS, and everything in between.

Using small, yet very powerful, hydraulic motors provides enhanced performance, operation, and better packaging by reducing the packaging sizes, ELIMINATING MULTIPLE ENGINES and driving all the on-board equipment using hydraulic motors.

Benefits Of Integrated Hydraulic Technology | IHT

  • Decreases the size by up to 75%
  • Provides increased reliability and performance
  • Eliminates small engine maintenance issues and provides zero emissions
  • Reduces vehicle wheel base and increases maneuverability
  • Frees up compartment space; equipment can be mounted anywhere
  • Simplifies operation; flip a switch and go to work
  • Premium Hydraulic Motor will last a lifetime