Ratings Available: 3.0 kW thru 40 kW

Harrison Modular Component Series (MCS) units are the individual components of our standard generators, without the frame. We can mix and match our standard components to put together a custom package to meet your individual needs. Put components all together, or place them in separate areas to save space. When space is at a PREMIUM, nobody else can respond with a Modular Component Series like Harrison.

If you already have a hydraulic system in place or want to provide the hydraulic reservoir, heat exchanger and filter then the MCS may be the best option for your application. A MCS is tested and shipped with a matching pump, just as all of our units are.

The MCS includes many of the “Industry First” innovations developed by Harrison, like the rest of our Premium Hydraulic Generators. Depending on your individual requirements for your installation, Harrison will create your custom system using our 40+ years of experience to ensure your installation is the best it can be!!! Our Region Managers will work directly with you to develop your system; a benefit not offered by ANYBODY else in our industry!!!

Like ALL Harrison Generators, the Modular Component Series is built to be maintained. All maintainable parts are top accessible in under a minute; truly built with the MECHANIC IN MIND!!!

For over 40 years, Harrison has been the one name professionals have staked their lives on; and the lives of others. Consider the competitive advantages of Harrison’s MCS Series Hydraulic Generators.

Contact Harrison Hydraulic Solutions for dimensional drawings of the components. It will vary depending upon the design of the system.

  • Smallest foot print available on the market today
  • Motors operate at 98% efficiency and are built with cast steel housings
  • Bent axis piston motor; more efficient and longer life than gear motor
  • Perfect alignment and stronger coupling
  • Modular design allows for more versatile installation
  • “Plus Powered” Alternator is standard
  • Remote mounted reservoir
  • Incredibly “Maintenance Friendly”
  • “Flow Thru” Ventilation System
  • Backed by the most comprehensive warranty and service in the industry