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Paul Newton

VP – Sales & Marketing

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What separates Harrison Hydra-Gen from the competition in the Scrap Metal Industry

Simply put, Harrison products have been “PROVEN UNDER PRESSURE” for 50+ years. Harrison has designed, manufactured, and delivered countless units since 1969. It is not uncommon to see one of our 20+ year-old generators still operational in the field today. Our products are used in critical applications that demand flawless performance and reliability.

Whether it is a fire truck responding to a fire or a traffic accident, an oil rig monitoring drilling applications, or de-icing equipment keeping airplanes safe at major airports, we know that when the operator turns on the generator, failure is not an option. There is no secret to our longevity and success; it is our commitment to quality, the best warranty in the industry, and excellent customer support.

Harrison has served the Scrap Metal Industry with excellent performance for over 50 years. And we know that performance is extremely important to the markets we serve. Downtime is not an option for these demanding industries.

Our clients are best served when we adhere to the guiding principles that have driven our success. These principles include:

  • First, we are a custom shop. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our engineers design products that are specifically based on our Customers’ requirements.
  • Every Harrison system is built in the USA and designed using top-quality components.
  • In order to be comfortable that the product meets our exacting standards, every generator is tested before leaving our manufacturing facility.
  • Tremendous pride in delivering the most reliable products, that are competitively priced with the best Customer Service in the Industry.

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