Custom Battery Idle Reduction Systems

Harrison’s custom hPower Battery Idle Control Systems are designed to meet your exact needs. We will use individual components of our standard systems and add in the Amp hours needed for your application; whatever your application calls for.  Just ask and see if we can put your system together.

New installations or retro-fit installations; just ask for the best way to add hPower to your fleet!

Harrison’s custom hPower Battery Idle Control Systems will employ many of the “Industry First” innovations developed by Harrison, depending on your individual requirements for your installation. Harrison will create your custom system using our 50+ years of experience to ensure your installation is the best it can be! Our Regional Managers will work directly with you to develop your system; a benefit not offered by anybody else in our industry!

Contact Harrison Hydra-Gen for your custom hPower Battery Idle Control System.

Benefits of hPower

  • Extends the life of the chassis
  • Reduces DPF regenerations
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Simplified installation
  • Reduces NOx output
  • May qualify for federal incentives

The benefits are beyond compelling not only in terms of improved apparatus wear and firefighter comfort but equally so with reduced emissions for the environment.

hPower Battery Idle Reduction Technology
Harrison Hydragen