Portable Hydraulic Generator

Ratings Available: 4.0 kW

What Is The Portable Hydraulic Generator?

The PROPRIETARY Portable Hydraulic Generator is a hydraulically driven, PORTABLE AC generator, that utilizes the “Auxiliary Tool Circuit” on a work truck or any other vehicle as to the fuel source.  Using the Portable Hydraulic Generator provides TREMENDOUS BENEFITS TO YOUR FLEET OR RENTAL YARD!

Why Do I NEED The Portable Hydraulic Generator?

The Portable Hydraulic Generator eliminates a “Secondary” gas engine generator on-board every work truck.  Advantages of the Portable Hydraulic Generator are its 50% lighter, 50% smaller, virtually maintenance-free, has no bad fuel to deal with, and produces no excessive noise!

Is It a Hassle To Switch From Gas To Hydraulic Generators?

Absolutely not!  The Portable Hydraulic Generator is less of a hassle for you in the long run. Additional fuel, ongoing maintenance, and theft with gas generators; now that’s a hassle! Plus, with Harrison, getting your fleet equipped is easy. The Portable Hydraulic Generator only requires 6-8 GPM, like most hydraulically driven tools; plug and play simplicity.

Integration Into Your Existing Fleet

  • Can be specified into new equipment, existing equipment, or RENTAL FLEETS
  • The portable design means you can move it from truck to truck
  • There when you need it, out of the way when you don’t
  • The Portable Hydraulic Generator is competitive with gas generators and easy to install
  • Space, money, and weight, without sacrificing simple, reliable, mobile AC power


  • Rating: 4.0 kW
  • Length: 19.53”
  • Depth: 7.38”
  • Height: 11.06”
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • 30 amp 120 Volt duplex outlet
  • 20 amp 240 Volt Twist-Lock -NEMA L14-30
  • 20 amp thermal breakers
  • Analog voltmeter
  • Flow: 5 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 3,000 psi


Harrison Hydragen