Stinger 3.0

Stinger 3.0
Stinger 3.0
Stinger 3.0 Airflow


Ratings Available: 3.0 kW

Replace your inverter with the new STINGER 3.0. Performance optimized to compliment your LED lighting package with the quality and reliability of a Harrison hydraulic generator. The STINGER 3.0 is purpose-built for mobile power anytime 3,000 watts or less are required all while offering the smallest footprint available on the market today. Package that along with a remote mount reservoir and you have the perfect generator for customers looking to take advantage of the unused spaces on their apparatus. Through the use of advanced engineering materials, the STINGER 3.0 is compact and lightweight so you can always have a generator during critical incident response.

3.0 kW (120 VAC | 25 amps)

The airflow pattern of the STINGER 3.0 makes it perfect for compartments, dunnage areas, and anywhere you have a straight thru airflow requirement.

The STINGER 3.0 uses advanced corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and engineered composite materials for the exterior of the generator. The 2″ riser rails lift the STINGER 3.0 above the mounting surface to prevent any water intrusion into the generator. The hydraulic hose and electrical connections are located on the fan side of the unit, providing an EZ Mounting system like the rest of the Harrison family.

For over 50 years, Harrison has been the one name professionals have staked their lives on; and the lives of others. Consider the competitive advantages of Harrison’s STINGER 3.0 Hydraulic Generator.

  • Smallest footprint available on the market today
  • Gear motor design; most efficient
  • Morse tapered coupling design; perfect alignment and stronger coupling
  • Modular design allows for a more versatile installation
  • “Plus Powered” Alternator is standard
  • Remotely mounted reservoir
  • Incredibly “Maintenance Friendly”
  • “Flow-Thru” Ventilation System
  • Backed by the most comprehensive warranty and service in the industry
  • DESIGN: Brushless, revolving field, two-pole, 3600 rpm for 60 Hz or optional 50 Hz operation
  • RATING: See nameplate for individual rating
  • REGULATION: (+/-) 5% voltage regulation from nameplate rating
  • WAVEFORM: Harmonic distortion limited to 7%
  • INSULATION: Class H, 200 degrees F, slot insulation, varnish, and copper windings
  • PF: 1.0 (unity) for single-phase units
  • TYPE OF OIL: Use a premium grade hydraulic oil, such as Mobile DTE series oil or an equivalent
  • VISCOSITY: Optimum operating viscosity is ISO 46 for best performance in all conditions
  • CAPACITY: The reservoir capacity will vary with each generator. Please see the “Reservoir Capacity” in the generator specifications
  • MIN INPUT: 980 rpm
  • MAX INPUT: 3300 rpm
  • MAX TEMP: 200 Degrees F
  • MIN TEMP: -15 Degrees F
  • WEIGHT: 42 lb
  • MAX TORQUE: 132 lbft
  • PUMP SHAFT: SAE-B 7/8″ 13T Splined or SAE-BB 1.00″ Keyed
  • MAX PRESSURE: 4,000 psi
  • MAX VACUUM: 10.0 inHg

The generator shall be one (1) Harrison STINGER 3.0 Hydraulic Driven Generator rated at 3,000 watts, 25 amps, 120VAC, 60Hz, 1-phase.

The generator shall be designed and assembled by a company with no less than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of hydraulic-driven generators.

The generator shall use a single heat exchanger to cool the hydraulic oil.

The generator shall use an industrial-type alternator with heavy-duty bearings and a brushless design.

The generator shall use a gear hydraulic motor.

The generator shall use an axial piston variable displacement hydraulic pump.

The generator shall use a meter to monitor system voltage.

The generator shall have top access to the oil filter, oil fill tube, and electrical interface box.

The generator shall not utilize electronic controls or a multiplex system to control the frequency.

The generator shall be capable of producing the full nameplate power when driven from the vehicle PTO from idle to maximum engine speed.

The generator shall be capable of being used while the vehicle is either stationary or in motion.

The generator shall be capable of normal operation using a commonly available premium hydraulic oil; Mobile DTE series or equivalent. All fluid service points shall be in close proximity to the reservoir for ease of scheduled maintenance.