Ratings Available: 6.0 kW, 8.0 kW, 10.0 kW

The Harrison MAS generator system is one of the longest-running, most robust, and most time-tested hydraulic generators ever manufactured. With the roots of its design originating back to 1969, no other generator produces the same level of industrial-grade performance even under the harshest conditions.

The airflow pattern of the MAS makes it perfect for compartments, dunnage areas, under chassis, and anywhere you have a straight thru airflow requirement.

Like ALL Harrison Generators, the MAS is built to be maintained. All maintainable parts are top accessible in under a minute; truly built with the MECHANIC IN MIND!!!

For over 40 years, Harrison has been the one name professionals have staked their lives on; and the lives of others. Consider the competitive advantages of Harrison’s MAS Series Hydraulic Generators.

  • Smallest foot print available on the market today
  • Motors operate at 98% efficiency and are built with cast steel housings
  • Bent axis piston motor; more efficient and longer life than gear motor
  • Morse tapered coupling design; perfect alignment and stronger coupling
  • Modular design allows for more versatile installation
  • “Plus Powered” Alternator is standard
  • Self-sealing air intake is standard
  • Twin draft air duct is standard
  • Dual fan technology available; featuring a vertical exhaust
  • Attached or remote mounted reservoir
  • Incredibly “Maintenance Friendly”
  • “Flow Thru” Ventilation System
  • Backed by the most comprehensive warranty and service in the industry