Company Profile & History

With the roots of Harrison deep in the Oil and Gas industries, Harrison knows that a failure of a product in the field can lead to catastrophic financial losses. We at Harrison know what it takes to provide the best hydraulic products to meet the most DEMANDING needs of this industry. Downtime is not an option for the Oil and Gas industries. Time is Money; using the Harrison Hydra-Gen products provides the extra protection to keep the rigs going all day long!

Every Harrison system is designed using top quality, name-brand components. We place emphasis where it should be; in the generator, drive motor, cooling system, and pump. our commitment to quality and our testing procedures allow us to have the highest quality in the industry by avoiding unnecessary service and warranty claims.

Quality – We guarantee the delivery of reliable and quality products and services. Harrison Hydra -Gen ” units are designed to exceed specified requirements. We use high-quality components in our systems, and design them to withstand the rigors of everyday use. At Harrison Hydra -Genº, each of our units is high quality and performance tested which is guaranteed to meet your demands every time!

Service – Real service begins BEFORE you buy from Harrison Hydra -Gen “, and continues for you 24/7 afterward. Our immediate responsiveness saves you down-time and money while offering peace of mind. At Harrison Hydra-Gen®, we understand how important this is and we guarantee it. We wouldn’t ask you to accept it any other way!

Dependability – Meeting delivery requirements is ingrained in our everyday existence. We measure our delivery results and meet
our delivery commitments 100 % of the time. Your order is guaranteed to be shipped on time every time. We have no other way!