Harrison rises above the rest in experience – no other manufacturer has been building hydraulic generators longer. In fact, Harrison has been leading the field since it developed the first hydraulic generator more than 50 years ago. Our engineers are constantly using their experience and expertise to further advance our generators while other makers are still striving to catch up.


A generator’s capacity for work can be measured in various ways: rated operating capacity, hydraulic flow rate, amperes, etc. No one does a better job of combining these
features into one comprehensive, space-saving, productive, operator-friendly package than Harrison. Our engineers are continually improving our generators with innovative
custom features that provide you with a competitive edge by boosting production to improve convenience, work performance, and profits. Performance-enhancing features
include compact size, quiet performance, durability, reliability, and much more.


The ability of Harrison Hydraulic Generators to stand up to grueling workloads is legendary. Harrison generators were developed for the oilfield over 30 years ago; our
units are built to withstand not only the harshest environments but the test of time. We have units in the field for over twenty years and/or 17,000 hours on them
before needing service. They are extremely tough, durable, and long-lasting.